January 2013

Good Food Awards 2013

Our Dark Chocolate Basil Ganache confection has won a Good Food Award!

On January 18th, the Good Food Award winners were announced in a ceremony filled with artisan food and drink makers at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  We could not be happier or more proud to say that we have won a Good Food Award. Last year we won in the chocolate category with out Goat’s Milk and Costa Rica bars.  This year we won in the confections category with our Dark Chocolate Basil ganache.

“The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.”  This is taken from the Good Food Awards site and there is no better way to explain what they are. It was very inspiring to share a room filled with people that care for the food they produce, farmers, chefs, artisans and people who like and appreciate the hard work and care that goes into making good food.

When I (Danielle) decided to embark in a culinary career, 17 years ago, Chef Alice Waters was the first Chef to inspire me.  Not only because she has a beautiful and successful restaurant, but because in a restaurant world filled with corporate trucks delivering mass produced food to the restaurant, she would have the farmer deliver her produce, dairy, eggs, meats. She has relationships with all of the people growing the food she cooks. She truly believes in and respects the most important person in the food industry, the farmer. Well, 17 years ago I never thought that I would get to meet her, much less, that she would be putting a medal on my neck for an award called Good Food. So Thank you to  Seedlings Project for this amazing initiative, that not only recognizes us food makers, but also serves as an education platform to the public about what good food really means.

Other North Carolina winners are: Fullsteam Brewery, Farmer’s Daughter Preserves, Blessed Earth Farms and Looking Glass Creamery. To all, a round of proud applauses.

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