We source, sort, roast, winnow and grind cacao beans to bring out the complexity of their flavors. The chocolate is then aged, tempered and poured into bars or handcrafted into truffles and chocolate confections.

What We Do & Why We Do It

We visit and work closely with the Organic farm in Costa Rica, and travelled to Venezuela to meet with the family who provides our fine Venezuelan cacao.  After the lengthy process of bringing the beans into the US, we use our antique (1920’s) roaster and stone grinder to make the finest chocolate that we can, in a traditional method.  After an aging process, we handcraft bars and a continually evolving selection of confections.  We do this because we believe in having a full understanding and influence on every step of the process, and we know that only by having personal relationships with the growers can we ensure the integrity and quality of our chocolate.

Chocolate Being Made