The Escazu team is led by Hallot Parson, the head chocolate maker, and Danielle Centeno the head Chocolatier. Hallot is a native North Carolinian who comes from a background as a Chef in Aspen, NY and Dallas. Danielle, the chocolatier in charge of confections is a Venezuelan Native and is instrumental in helping us obtain the best beans from that country. She has culinary degrees from the Culinary Institute of America in New York, as well as the culinary program at Wake Tech. She has experience in pastry kitchens, as well as a Chef.

The rest of the team includes Sherri Allen,  in charge of the production of our chocolate bars, with the help of Bart Tomlin. Kerry Wilks and Raven Mc Nulty as assistant chocolatiers. Melissa Kirchberg and Kerry Wilks keep the retail shop running. Bart Tomlin and Sam Piland are in charge of processing and roasting the cocoa beans.