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2-Piece Heart Box

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What it is: A 2 piece box of confections with one each of the Lemon Earl Grey and Dirty Chai Latte heart shaped confections.

What it's like: The Lemon Earl Grey is a layer of Big Spoon Lemon Coconut Gianduja and a layer of Earl Grey caramel. The Dirty Chai Latte is a layer of Counter Culture Coffee-chocolate caramel and a layer of Big Spoon Chai Spice Nut Butter gianduja.


Lemon Earl Grey: cacao • organic sugar • cocoa butter • cream • earl grey tea • cashews • coconut • lemon • Jacobsen sea salt

Dirty Chai Latte: cacao • organic sugar • cocoa butter • coffee • cream • peanuts • almonds • honey • cardamom • clove • ginger • vanilla • black pepper • Jacobsen sea salt (contains peanuts, tree nuts)

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