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Sarrapia-Lemon-Pepitas Bar

Make Your Mark Bar - Nov. '23
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What it is: This bar was dreamed up at our Make Your Mark event in November 2023. In collaboration with Great Good Space we led participants through a chocolate and ingredient tasting as they translated those flavors into colors and shapes with watercolor - their “marks”. Throughout the night we pared down the selection until eventually we had collectively chosen a final bar flavor and had each participant make their final mark. Read more about the event on our blog.

The bar seen here was painted by Escazū’s confectioners, inspired by those final marks. The flavor is the one chosen that day in November - Sarrapia, Pepitas, and Lemon.

What it's like: Sarrapia is a spice from the Amazon. It is warm and nostalgic, while also being completely unique to itself. The pepitas are roasted and salted pumpkin seeds sprinkled on the back of the bar. The lemon is lemon peel that we infuse into the cocoa butter added to this bar. Altogether it is a bright, warm, crunchy, salty-sweet experience perfect for a Spring day! (Colors vary, each bar is handpainted.)

P.S. $1 from the sale of each bar will be donated to the Dix Park Conservancy. Learn more here.

P.P.S. We also hope that you’ll join us for the second Make Your Mark, sometime in the fall of 2024. You will learn about watercolor painting from Great Good Space, you will learn about chocolate from Escazū Chocolates, and you will help create the next Make Your Mark Bar.

Learn more about Jeannine & Denise of a Great Good Space

Learn more about Danielle Centeno and Tiana Young, co-owners of Escazū

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