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Your Joy - Love Letter by Della Stella

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It's not the words

or the actions

or the things you an see.

It's your joy.

And the way

your body feels warm

next to me.

I love you.

From Della Stella:

"The reason why chocolate is such a perfect gift is because it’s tactile and heartfelt. It engages your senses; smell, touch, sight, and taste. It's also temporal. You experience it, and then it's gone. (And you're ready for more!)

Love letters are all the things Escazú chocolates are: personal, handmade, small and sensuous. But they're also something you can hold on to. Especially after a year that's torn us apart and forced us to dig deep and realize what really matters to us.

This isn’t a greeting card, and it’s not a substitute for the special words that can only come from you.

I want to help you make something really special for the one you love. Or the one you appreciate, the one you miss, the one you want to give a magical little piece of yourself to this Valentine’s Day.

I’ve helped people make gestures and send messages with chocolate for a few years, but much longer than that I’ve been a writer and artist. I have a deep commitment and love for expression.

I drew these poems from my real life. Real and hypothetical moments and people, that filled me with warmth and love. I hope they can do the same for you.

What you’re getting:

An original, personalized if you choose, lyrical love letter (see above for content), handwritten and dated on textured journal paper with golden edges. Wrapped in hand-dyed, hand-decorated mulberry paper. Tied with ribbon or string.

NOTE: these items are handmade in a separate studio space from the chocolate shop, so please allow at least one day between the time you order and the time you will pick up/ship. And all materials are kept separate."

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