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Taste and Make your Mark

Updated: Apr 17

Through the years people have always expressed their desire to somehow be able to participate in our chocolate making process. Unfortunately, our small production space doesn't lend itself for such activities. So when the creative minds of Jeannine and Denise from A Great Good Space wanted to collaborate with us, we found the perfect way to give people an immersive experience into the creative part of our chocolate making process.

In November of 2023 a group of friends and strangers came together at The Flower Cottage at Dorothea Dix Park in downtown Raleigh.

Led by Danielle & Tiana in the culinary realm and Jeannine & Denise in the creative, the group was able to conceptualize a one of a kind chocolate bar from start to finish.

They tasted chocolate and a variety of ingredients and made watercolor marks on paper as they went, to channel their imagination's response to the flavors and textures they were experiencing.

It was after this experience that the 2023 Make your Mark Bar was born. The Escazū confectioners brought the Make your Mark Bar to life, allowing the participants of this event to have a colorful chocolate creation that they can call their own.

If you want to learn about A Great Good Space, Jeannine & Denise, go see what they're all about HERE!

If you want to learn a little bit more about more about Escazū and Danielle & Tiana, go HERE!

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