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Personalized Love Letter by Della Stella

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From Della Stella:

"The reason why chocolate is such a perfect gift is because it’s tactile and heartfelt. It engages your senses; smell, touch, sight, and taste. It's also temporal. You experience it, and then it's gone. (And you're ready for more!)

Love letters are all the things Escazú chocolates are: personal, handmade, small and sensuous. But they're also something you can hold on to.

This isn’t a greeting card, and it’s not a substitute for the special words that can only come from you.

I want to help you make something really special for the ones you love. Or the ones you appreciate, the ones you miss, the ones you want to give a magical little piece of yourself to.

I’ve helped people make gestures and send messages with chocolate for a few years, but much longer than that I’ve been a writer and artist. I have a deep commitment and love for expression.

So now, I’d like to twist the two together...think of it like you’re giving me clay and I’m making it into a sculpture.

The 'clay' (what you're giving me):

If you’re up to the task, write me a short paragraph inspired by your loved one. It doesn’t have to be perfect; remember, I’m your editor and collaborator so we’ll get there together. Whatever comes up naturally is a perfect start.

If that seems a little daunting, you can simply write three things you’d like to tell your loved one. As simple as “I love when you cook dinner” or as personal as “I love the way your hair smells like wildflowers after a shower.” I’ll take it from there...if I need more, I’ll ask!

What you’re getting:

A personalized, by me and you, lyrical love letter, handwritten and dated on textured journal paper with golden edges. Wrapped in hand-dyed, hand-decorated mulberry paper. Tied with ribbon or string.

NOTE: these items are handmade in a separate studio space from the chocolate shop, so please allow at least one day between the time you order and the time you will pick up/ship. And all materials are kept separate."

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