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Quarterly Bar Subscription

$56.70 per 3 months
In stock
Product Details
Dairy Free: Yes
Gluten Free: Yes
Peanut Free: Yes
Tree Nut Free: Yes

SIX Escazú chocolate bars delivered to your doorstep every 3 months without you thinking about it?!?! Is this a dream?!?!?!

Nope it's your new reality. Pick your favorite bar flavor, get 10% off the retail price, discounted shipping and your future self will be thanking you for the gift. Or maybe this is an actual gift that keeps on giving for your favorite chocolate lover. Either way, you're about to be someone's hero.

What makes this different from shopping online or in store?

  • These bars automatically ship every three months with discounted shipping at $5 flat rate
  • They are 10% off retail price, a discount usually requiring a 12 bar minimum.
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