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Monthly Confections Subscription

$48.75 per month
In stock
Product Details

A box of assorted confections will show up on your doorstep every month. Is there a truer form of love? Each box will include season specials and year round favorites. Dietary exclusions honored.

** Please keep in mind that there will be a consume by date on your box. Confections have a shelf life of 15 days from the date of production.

What makes this different from the regular assortments online or in store?

  • These boxes automatically ship each month with discounted shipping at $5 flat rate
  • They will prioritize new, seasonal and special flavors!! This means you're more likely to get something you've never tasted before. (Of course if there are specific flavors that you like or allergies you have, you can always let us know down below and we'll choose based on that instead!)
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